SEO is for Everyone: The Story of Winnetu Oceanside Resort

If you think SEO is not for your business, you better think twice. Companies offering SEO in Hong Kong suggest that while traditional marketing still works, digital marketing strategies such as SEO are vital for achieving success in today’s business climate. This should not come as a surprise knowing the current behavior of consumers when it comes to commerce. Basically, any business who has a website, a blog, or online store, should consider SEO marketing in order to grow their brand and achieve success. Take for example the following success story.

Winnetu Oceanside Resort and their SEO Success Story

The Winnetu Oceanside Resort is a resort located in Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA. This beautiful resort sits beautifully on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and is known as the only hotel in the beach. In essence, there is very little to no competition involved in terms of business.

A few years ago, the resort aimed to bring in more customers by using SEO, a fairly new concept to their marketing department. While they are a company that doesn’t seem to need SEO, the inclusion of it in their digital marketing strategy proved to be the wisest decision the company has ever made. After tapping the service of an SEO company, the resort has seen 40% growth.

The surprising turn of events proved to be beneficial for the resort’s online presence and to their overall status as a business. Visitors to their website increased and stayed a little longer to check out what the resort has to offer. Their average page views increased to six per visit. They also received at least 38 wedding inquiries on the first month of their SEO campaign, a big jump from their monthly average.

At present, Winnetu remains a popular holiday and event destination, luring in people from in and out of Dukes County. Their beautiful website continues to receive great traffic, allowing customers to learn more about the destination, send inquiries, and book their hotel.

The story of Winnetu Resort is a reminder of how SEO offers businesses with a significant marketing boost. It shows that regardless of size, popularity, or stature, any business can get closer to their goals by adopting the right digital marketing strategy such as SEO.